We are a family run business who wholesale 100% organic wild-sourced medicinal mushroom to a select group of health food retailers throughout Western Australia and Tasmania.  Click on Our Products page to find a list of all of our mushroom varieties we supply and their health benefits.

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Start your “Shroom Journey” today and enjoy our organic medicinal mushroom powder daily so you can achieve supreme health & optimum well being. Also, did you know that we do regular educational and tasting workshops, click here for dates and locations and join us!

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We provide a product ​that is a result of years of extracting experience which is produced by natural methods only, using a Dual Extraction. This is a process of extracting the health promoting compounds by both filtered water and an organic grain alcohol.  Please read our Product Information for more details.  The high quality of our product is a result 

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Mycology Without The Headache OUR SPORES ARE EASY TO WORK WITH

Beginning your research with quality genetics can save you time, money, and effort. Most of all, it helps you reach your fungal-goals with a higher level of confidence. Our first-of-its-kind Magic Mushroom Kit can help you get off to

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